In 2024 Susan was invited to showcase her data visualization project at Kanvas Dubai. The immersive experience delves into the mysterious depths of our oceans, creating a vibrant underwater realm of fascinating marine life. From 9th of May - 30th of June visitors could visit the exhibition for free.


'What Lies Beneath' translates ocean data collected by NASA between 2003 and 2023 into an abstract representation of the datasets, each reflecting the dynamic behaviour of our planet’s aquatic ecosystem. Using a unique visual language, “What Lies Beneath” goes far beyond the analytical origins of data visualisation and becomes a work of art. 

The first version of this project was commissioned by NSW Destination, Australia and presented at Vivid Sydney, one of the largest digital art festivals in the world in 2023. The revised work adds an important layer to the breathtaking beauty of marine life, highlighting the pressing issue of climate change and the dangers posed by the warming of our oceans.

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