We like to explore visual techniques. This is the visual playground with Kati Katona. 


Kati Katona is a Budapest based freelance media designer. Susan Kosti has been collaborating with her in several projects. Their first work was a visual storytelling for the Zsolnay Light Art Festival 2018. Whilst Kati was completing her BA studies she was already commissioned by numerous companies and participated in various stage a building mapping projects. Her work is focused on 3D, procedural and generative animation, projection mapping, stage design, visual content design for stage mapping. Her style is best known for the use of organic design which is heavily inspired by elements of nature, biomorph structures, and algorithms found in nature. One of her expertise is the modification of real time captured footage which she mixes with generated visual then feeds back to the visual that is projected on stage or a standalone installation. As a Vj she has participated in various AV projects and constantly focus on experiencing the newest technologies.

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